Martens en Van Oord has been involved in many dredging projects over the years. With our experienced staff and a large range of equipment, we can support any project anywhere in the world.

Offshore dredging

Offshore Brittany, France

Our client Jifmar Offshore Services was in need of additional dredging equipment and operators for his offshore dredging project offshore Brittany in France. Martens en Van Oord mobilized several truckloads with our DOP 250 dredge pump in booster set up, hydraulic powerpacks and heavy duty jet water pump and discharge pipelines.

After arrival of the trucks in the port of mobilization our colleagues assisted the clients vessel crew to install the complete dredging spread on board the vessel, after different test runs the vessel sailed out and the dredging commenced.

Offshore sand was dredged to clear an installation and discharged via the DOP 250 booster and discharge pipeline. Speciality was that the dredging was done while maintaining position using the Roxane Z Dynamic Positioning system (DP2), allowing more flexibility in the vessel movements while dredging

After succesfully dredging all material, the vessel demobilized and our equipment and operators travelled back to our base in The Netherlands.

Barge offloading

Haringvliet, The Netherlands

One of our Damen DOP 2320 dredge pumps was recently used to offload sand from inland hopper barges. On the project the sand needed to be transported over a very shallow area.
By using the DOP 2320 dredge pump set this issue was covered. The sand was offloaded by the dredge pump from the vessels hopper and transported by floating pipeline to the final destination.
With the sand an artificial island is created that serves as a habitat for birds and wildlife.

Precision dredging offshore Scotland

Our client was in need of a dredge pump set with additional heavy duty jetwater pump. Martens en Van Oord mobilized 2 truckloads with equipment tot he North Western part of Scotland where the equipment was loaded on a workboat to be shipped to the project site, offshore the Outer Hebrides.

Due to limited local information available we chose to mobilize a dredge pump and heavy duty jetwater pump to be able to dredge in all soil conditions to be expected. On site our equipment was used for a precision dredging job. Due to the remote project location with mobilized a fully utilized workshop container and send one of our technical dredge masters to assist the client.

Dredging land locked lake

Our client was looking for a dredge pump set for their project to dredge 30.000 m³ of sludge from a land-locked lake in the Eastern part of The Netherlands.

In order to execute the dredging works, we were asked to supply a dredge pump set consisiting of a DOP 1815 dredge pump, jetwater pump and floating discharge line.

The sludge is dredged by the DOP 1815 dredge pump and via the 1.400 meter long discharge line transported to the dump area, where it is stored.

Sludge dredging in Harbor Basin

After finalizing the first part of the dredging project, our client was looking for a solution to dredge sludge in a harbor basin in Antwerp, Belgium. One of our dredge pumps was mobilized to the project site and attached to the excavator of our client.

After testing different dredge heads and the installation of a process instrumentation set the project started. The sludge is dredged by means of the dredge pump and discharged in a hopper barge alongside the dredging barge to be disposed.

Booster pump rental

To extend the discharge distance our client Heuvelman Ibis required an extra booster pump. Together we successfully installed one of our large boosters on a barge of Heuvelman Ibis.

Dredging in lock chamber

We provided a dredge pump and additional equipment to our client in order to execute a small scale dredging job inside a lock chamber in Dieppe, France.

Due to sediment inside the lock chamber the inner lock doors were not able to be closed causing decreasing water level. Our client was contracted to remove the sediment in order to get the lock door operational again.

Dock upgrade

Malongo, Angola

Our client needed advice on a complete dredging set to successfully complete a project with his dredge pump. We designed a complete work method based on an excavator, dredge pump, pipeline and hydraulic power pack for which we supplied al the additional auxiliary equipment.

Lake Victoria

Kisumu, Kenya

For the installation of a new pipeline, our client required a dredge pump. We advised the client about the work method, and delivered the required equipment, consisting of a dredge pump, hydraulic power pack, jet water pump and several types of dredge heads. After arrival one of our consultants travelled to Kenya to assist our client during the commisioning and start up phase of the project.

Floating discharge pipeline

Baltic coast, Germany

For his beach replenishment our client was looking for floating discharge pipeline in order to transport the dredged material to the discharge area. Dredge Pump Solutions supplied 150 meter discharge pipeline consisting of HDPE rigid pipeline with floaters and rubber discharge hose in order to give flexibility to the discharge pipeline.

Construction pit

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our client encountered difficulties during the excavation of a construction pit with a dredge pump, not meeting the production expectations. Based on the local soil conditions, our consultants recommended the use of another jet water pump and a modified dredgehead. Dredge Pump Solutions supplied the required jet water pump and dredgehead, enabling the client to reach the desired production levels.

Boyukshor Lake

Baku, Azerbayan

The second largest landlocked lake of Azerbaijan was contaminated with 2.800.000 m³ of oil on the sea-floor. For this project, a special containerized dredger was designed and fabricated. After the successful commissioning of the dredger, we ensured training of the local personnel, and further supported the project with consultancy and daily management.


Caspian Sea, Kazakstan

The installation of an oil pipeline in a very shallow area required the dredging and transporting of clayish material over a distance to a spill area. Our consultants advised a clay shredder and booster station, which our engineers designed and fabricated in a very short mobilization period. During the project, we supplied experienced personnel for the operation of the delivered equipment.

Construction pit

Hamburg, Germany

In preparation of casting underwater concrete, the client required the removal of soil and silt from the bottom of a deep construction pit. Dredge Pump Solution delivered equipment and personnel for the successful completion of this project. 


Rotterdam, Netherlands

To build an underground car park, soil needed to be removed in between existing piles. With less than 0.5m of space between the piles, and a complex bracing frame, two special dredge pumps with dredgeheads where designed and produced by our engineers, and successfully implemented.

Marina Cadzand

Cadzand Bad, Netherlands

During dredging of the new Marina basin in Cadzand, unexploded ordnances were found. Our engineers designed a new, certified work method based on standard dredge pump components, which resulted in a safe continuation of the dredging without major delays.

Underground car park

's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

One of the challenges facing the construction of an underground car park in a very densely populated urban area is to minimize the transport of the soil disposal trucks within the city. After calculations, our engineers successfully implemented a work method based on a dredge pump, pumping the soil across the city with a booster pump.