Our story

Excellence in roadworks and civil and hydraulic engineering

Driven by passion, knowledge and creativity since 1986.

A question of creatively combining knowledge...


Focus on quality

Customised solutions for every project

Excelling in a well-considered and sustainable manner on land, on water and on the boundary between them

Martens en Van Oord has been a pioneering business specialising in roadworks and civil and hydraulic engineering for more than 30 years. Thanks to better, innovative and sustainable solutions, we contribute to aspects such as (water) safety, mobility, water quality, natural development and quality of life.

We believe it is important to distinguish ourselves on the market; we like to lead the way. And we can do this. By combining technology and knowledge in a unique manner. By making use of intelligent systems and high-performance equipment. By applying smart logistics and making efficient use of building materials. But most of all because of the People who Make it. On land, on water and on the boundary between them.



Proficient, ground-breaking and committed since 1986

  • Where other companies hesitate, we see opportunities. And we use them, by innovating, exceeding and taking action. In short, by pushing the boundaries.
  • We work in a vulnerable world. That is why we never lose sight of caring for people and the environment. We deliberately invest in clean and economical equipment, and in a sustainable, safe working method for our employees.

  • We use the latest techniques and our equipment is state-of-the-art. But it’s mainly our People who Make it. We can really make a difference, thanks to their proficiency, passion and creativity.
  • We like to help our clients by contributing ideas. We believe in the question behind the question, as only that leads to the best possible solution.