Consultancy & Engineering

Martens en Van Oord offers professional consultancy and engineering services during all phases of the dredging project.

Project assistance

Our professional consultants and engineers have a can-do mentality and can support the project throughout all phases. Martens en Van Oord is focused on technical and operational results, with safety as our top priority. During a tender, we can advise on work methods and production estimates, and during the execution of the project we can support operations through guidance, daily management, and on-the-job training.

Production and feasibility studies

Based on civil, mechanical and other project details, our in-house consultants and engineers can perform sophisticated analyses, which allow them to make production and feasibility calculations, resulting in a clear advice.

Dredge Pump Calculation

Designing work methods

Martens en Van Oord develops and designs special work methods required for any specific challenge. Based on pump calculations, pipeline calculations, workflow calculations and production calculations, we will determine the best work method. The unique combination of hands-on field experience and specialist pump engineering guarantees a high level of efficiency, both on a performance and an operational level.    

Special equipment engineering

Our skilled engineers will design project specific solutions, including, for instance, the development and construction of project specific equipment. Our experienced in-house engineers will manage the entire process of designing and fabricating any piece of equipment, ranging from a minor optimization for a dredgehead to a full-scale specialized dredger.