A safe coast for Cadzand-Bad

In 2014 the Cadzand-Maritiem project was launched. Since then the coast near Cadzand-Bad has been reinforced, a marina has been constructed and the public space has been restructured. This is an innovative, technical and logistical feat.

Cadzand-Bad was one of the sub-projects of the West Zeelandic Flanders Weak Link. This means that part of the coast was not strong enough to withstand a superstorm. That is why the coast near Cadzand-Bad was reinforced over a length of about 1 kilometre.

Project characteristics

  • Breeding season, recreation season, storm season, tides. This requires efficient planning.
  • Working on a coast that once was a line of defence and could therefore harbour UXO. MvO knows how to handle the risks.
  • Supply of equipment by sea to limit nuisance. A great achievement in terms of planning and coordination.
  • Logistical project management, offshore, hydraulic engineering and earth moving: application of all our fields of expertise.


Use of our expertise

In July 2014 the Cadzand-Bad building consortium, consisting of Martens en Van Oord and BAM, received final confirmation of the contract from the client Scheldestromen Water Board to improve coastal safety, construct a marina and restructure the public space.

Under the name CADZAND-Maritiem, the Scheldestromen Water Board, Sluis Municipality and Yacht@Cadzand-Bad B.V. collaborated in the development of this project.

Coastal reinforcement

The coast near Cadzand-Bad was reinforced over a length of 1 kilometre. Coastal safety levels were improved, among other things, by widening the dunes and raising the beach with sand. The existing breakwaters were also lengthened, raised and reinforced. The western breakwater was moved westwards. This created more space between the breakwaters.

Construction of marina

Between the two breakwaters, a marina with more than 125 berths

was constructed.

For this the bed was dredged to the right depth and a floating dock was installed.

Upgrading of public space

The public space in Cadzand-Bad was also developed. Various facilities were created, both on the groynes and on the land side and the dunes boulevard. This included the construction of a club building, a bridge, a harbour plateau, various observation points and other recreational/service facilities.

The project was completed in May 2017. The coastal defences are in optimal condition for another 50 years in Cadzand-Bad and water sports enthusiasts have taken up the berths in the marina. We can look back on a fantastic project that we can be proud of.

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