The Board

Martens en Van Oord

At MvO we like to tackle things a little bit differently

Tobias van Oord
Managing Director

Tobias represents the second generation in the family business. In recent years, he has gained a great deal of practical and theoretical knowledge and experience in the field in which MvO operates.

As managing director of MvO Holding, Tobias is ultimately responsible for Martens and Van Oord as a whole and in particular for the management and make-up of the equipment.

“The combination of man and machine fascinates me endlessly; motivated and skilled professionals in combination with the right equipment can literally move mountains”

Teun de Koning
Operational Director

Teun, too, has a history of being involved in a wide array of high-profile projects at MvO. He did a lot of work for us as a contractor straight after completing his studies, and later on served as a calculator for us. Taking on the role of site manager for a similar family business enabled him to acquire extensive experience in the implementation of projects with a wide variety of contractual forms. It is only by being open, transparent and passionate that we can draw on our professional skill to ensure customer satisfaction. As COO, Teun’s remit encompasses the implementation of all projects. 

‘Good professional practice starts with enjoying your work. Our colleagues are making a difference through doing what they enjoy and what they’re good at. Day in, day out.’

Maarten Spronk
Operational Director

In his career, Maarten has worked for various major contractors in the civil concrete construction sector. He thus acquired extensive experience in tenders and the implementation of large, complex projects. Initially in project roles, and later from managerial and executive positions.

During this time, Maarten had already worked with Martens and Van Oord on prestigious projects such as Markthal and the Princess Beatrix Lock. As Head of Procurement, Maarten is responsible for tenders and commercial activities.

“A passion for the job, combined with a professional, process-oriented approach to tenders and projects, leads to a controlled methodology with sound results.”