MvO Safe

Working safely comes first

We believe it is important that we can prove we work safely

Martens en Van Oord works according to the core values: being proficient, ground-breaking and committed. The strength of Martens en Van Oord is in its people; they do what they’re good at. We work together on projects deploying each other’s talents. The major commitment of ‘The People who Make it’ is reflected in contributing ideas and looking further than others. The core values are intertwined throughout the organisation. Our aim is to prepare and execute our projects in a proficient manner. We focus on safety and quality; we guarantee knowledge, craftsmanship and professionalism. 

We believe it is important that we can prove we work safely, minimising and controlling any safety risks. We view safety as a shared responsibility of the contractor and the client, whereby we aim for an integrated approach to safety. The safety culture of an organisation runs in parallel to an integrated approach to safety, one isn’t possible without the other.

Our principles:


Our objectives:

We want all our people to get to work safely, be safe when they are at work and get home again safely! Injury or absence from work that is caused by the work is unacceptable!

Incidents should be announced as quickly as possible, allowing all of us to work together on the investigation into the cause of the incident and make improvements to prevent similar incidents in the future.

We believe it is important to keep our IF rate as low as possible. We do not want to have any incidents resulting in injury or absence from work.


Our Safety Policy:

In order to achieve the safety objectives, Martens en Van Oord has a strong vision and powerful safety policy that is actively implemented by the Board and management.

Additionally, Martens en Van Oord has formulated powerful Life Saving Rules, which were suggested by our own people and are jointly followed.

To do this in the best way possible, Martens en Van Oord follows its own ‘Move On Safe’ (MvO Safe) safety programme, in which the core values of being proficient, ground-breaking and committed have a central role.

Proficient: We work safely or we do not work at all.

Ground-breaking: We also consider the safety of our environment.

Committed: We work on safety together.

Our 10-step plan ensures that we keep focusing on our core values and continuously improve the safety awareness of all our people.