Adventurous and innovative solutions

Innovation is highly important to us. This is proved by our knowledge and expertise in the field of equipment development and sale. An approach that pushes the boundaries often has strict requirements for tools and equipment. Martens en Van Oord is therefore not afraid to make considerable investments in equipment if projects require this.

Our mechanical engineers have a full-time job following all the developments. We often combine existing techniques with some of our own engineering to create the best possible solution. Reliability, capacity and safety are crucially important here. The role played by sustainability in the development of new working methods is also growing.

Our equipment engineering department possesses the knowledge, experience and software required for solutions that push the boundaries. These solutions involve all aspects: from the development of special working methods, the design of the required equipment and the construction thereof to assistance with the execution. Thanks to our adventurous and innovative character, Martens en Van Oord often creates surprising pieces of equipment and working methods.

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Tobias Van Oord

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