Dyke construction between the German villages of Bienen and Praest

The present 4 km dyke between Bienen and Praest no longer complies with current German standards. It will have to be reinforced and reconstructed.

The first plans for the dyke construction date back 25 years. Following a prolonged licensing process, construction has now finally started.

Project characteristics

  • Soil of old dyke reused in new dyke. Efficient soil streams.
  • Stronger dyke thanks to completely new structure.

Use of our expertise

Close to the German town of Emmerich, Martens en Van Oord is reconstructing a dyke over a length of almost 4 kilometres. The dyke located between the villages of Bienen and Praest no longer complies with current German standards. It will have to be raised by 30-50 centimetres and its stability should also be improved.


The dyke is being reinforced. This is done by excavating the existing dyke and then reconstructing a new dyke that is built up completely from scratch. The layer thickness of the materials used (clay, sand, drainage sand) will be changed.

Moved inland

In addition, the dyke will be moved about 100 metres inland over a length of 2.7 kilometres. In the villages themselves, the dyke is constructed along the route of the old dyke.


The soil released from the old dyke is reused in the new dyke. Sand and clay from the surrounding area are supplied for the necessary reinforcement and new structure of the dyke.

According to the schedule, the project should be complete by late 2020.

Would you like to know more about Bienen - Praest dyke construction ?

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