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High Quality Production at an Ideal Location

The Sand Factory owned by Martens en Van Oord is located in the Moerdijk industrial area. The aggregates classification plant processes sand and gravel into high-end building materials, for instance used by the concrete industry. The plant is also suitable for cleaning used materials such as rail ballast. The Sand Factory is part of the hypermodern bulk and building material terminal in Moerdijk and is fully owned by our company.

Perfect Location
The terminal also serves as a handling location for high-end bulk goods and building materials. Martens en Van Oord shares the handling location with OBM (Overslagbedrijf Moerdijk), a 50% subsidiary of the company. The location in Moerdijk is perfectly accessible for both inland and maritime ships and is also located right next to a highway and a railway. The combination of this location at the juncture of water, rail and road facilities offers great logistical flexibility.

Useful Purpose
The concept for the Sand Factory was Initiated during two projects carried out by Martens en Van Oord in the Meuse River. While deepening that river between the towns of Gennep and Grave and another segment between Venlo and Arcen, seven million tonnes of sand and gravel were excavated. And of course, we would not be who we are if a useful purpose for that material was not found. That purpose resulted in the new Sand Factory.

High Quality Product
Using the aggregates classification plant, Martens en Van Oord is able to deliver products perfectly tailored to the customer’s specifications. Sand and gravel are separated at the beginning of the process, after which they are sorted into four partial fractions: between 0 and 2 millimeters for sand, and between 2 and 32 millimeters for gravel. These semi-finished materials can be mixed to a very high-quality product after which they are returned to the delivery chain.

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