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A New Icon for Rotterdam

Rotterdam, the city of modern architecture, has gained another icon: the Markthal. This eyecatching design will become a new landmark in the city center. In addition to an indoor market where fresh produce is sold, the Markthal is also home to cafes, restaurants, shops, over 200 apartments and a 1,200-space car park. All these components are integrated into a striking building that somewhat resembles a gigantic airplane hangar. It’s a true new icon for the Rotterdam city center.

Large Numbers, Great Accuracy
Completion of the underground four-story car park was carried out by Martens en Van Oord mostly. It was a project involving large numbers, including 150,000 cubic meters of earthmoving, 2,500 thrust and tension piles, and 16,000 cubic meters of underwater concrete, but also one where a high degree of accuracy and sophisticated working methods were absolutely vital.

State-of-the-Art Equipment
In order to be able to work as accurately as possible, Martens en Van Oord used state-of-the-art equipment. In order to position the equipment during the excavations – the piles were already driven into the ground – both U.S. and Russian satellite systems were used. At the same time, cranes were used in line with a PDS-2000 equipment tracking system, which measures and registers every movement in real-time under water level and thus actively prevents even the slightest damage occurring to anything.

A Great Advertisement
From excavating the dry top layer to removing the clay, peat and sludge between the 2,500 piles, we found bold and customized solutions time and time again. Completing the work on the Markthal car park is therefore a great advertisement for Martens en Van Oord, proving that the company certainly knows what it’s doing when it comes to underground and underwater expertise.

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