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A Contaminated lake Next to a Formidable Stadium

The Azerbaijani capital Baku was the host for a unique sports event in June 2015: the first edition of the European Games. Specially for this event, a new Olympic stadium is built in Baku. This impressive stadium is founded on the shores of Lake Boyukshor, which was in a poor ecological state.

Joint Venture
Before this large sports event could commence, the water quality in the lake must be at an acceptable level. This is why Martens en Van Oord and Baars Confloat were asked by our customer in Baku to assist in getting this accomplished. The two companies entered the ‘Boyukshor Lake’ joint venture for this purpose, designing, manufacturing and selling the equipment to the customer. The joint venture also provided guidance during project execution.

Sharing Knowledge
The customer was Tamiz Shahar, a governmental institution in Azerbaijan primarily focused on processing waste materials. The joint venture did not leave Tamiz Shahar to deal with it. Martens en Van Oord is an involved company which is happy to share its knowledge with its partners and clients in order to achieve maximum results together. This led to the joint venture providing knowledge and people for this unique project.

Much Contaminated Sludge
No less than 2.8 million cubic meters of contaminated sludge was dredged from Azerbaijan’s second largest lake. This sludge is shipped to a separate dump where the sludge can settle and the clean water flow back into the lake through a spillway. All this work ensured that Lake Boyukshor is now considerably cleaner for the European Games.

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