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Deepening the Port of Antwerp

The harbour of Antwerp needed to be deepened in order to facilitate larger ships. Martens en Van Oord took on this project which is part of a multi-year plan to fully deepen the port of Antwerp.

In a project granted by the Antwerp Municipal Port Authority, Martens en Van Oord dredged the port that provides access to the LPG terminal. We won the project by offering the most competitive price. All in all, over 85,000 cubic meters of soil was dredged and reused in various locations throughout the Netherlands.

Self-developed Clamshell
A special clamshell was used for this project. This clamshell, developed by Martens en Van Oord, is highly suitable to separate various soil types; in this case sand and sludge. It is another example of the expertise we possess when it comes to developing equipment. The sludge was transported to the Slufter at the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam, while the sand was reused in other Martens en Van Oord projects.

Additional Qualities
Although dredging itself is virtually the same in every country, working internationally does present different challenges. Understanding a different culture and different working methods are two important aspects. With respect to these challenges, we succeeded in Belgium and completed the project to the full satisfaction of the customer.

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