Traffic Nuisance in Tilburg Resolved

Tilburg is a growing city in the south of the Netherlands, and one that has been combatting traffic nuisance for years. A significant solution was found by constructing a ring road around the city. Martens en Van Oord greatly contributed to the last segment of this ring road, a local road called ‘Burgemeester Letschertweg’. A unique aspect of this approach was the application of construction aggregates, in which efficiency, recycling and high quality for low prices had the highest priority.

A Traffic Bridge and a Wildlife Bridge
The two-lane Tilburg ring road to which we contributed, added a finishing detail to the city. Two bridges were also built over the Wilhelmina Channel. In addition to a bridge for traffic, another bridge was built for local wildlife, so that animals could cross the road and the Wilhelmina Channel safely.

Construction Aggregates used Innovatively
We have distinguished ourselves during the project by using highly efficient construction aggregates. These originated from various locations, including the sand depot of the Municipality of Tilburg, sand excavated from the Hollandsch Diep River housed in the dredging mud depot managed by Martens en Van Oord and thermally cleaned sand from waste processor firm AT.

Minimum Nuisance
It was a challenge to transport all these construction aggregates to Tilburg while limiting costs and fuel usage. A large amount of these construction aggregates was delivered by ship, for which we constructed a temporary handling pier close to the new bridge over the Wilhelmina Channel. This helped us keep environmental impact to a minimum, while Martens en Van Oord’s excellent logistical expertise proved to be indispensable once again.

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