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The 'Scheldeoord' Pontoon in the Baltic Sea

Under normal circumstance, the boulders on the bottom of the Baltic Sea don’t cause much trouble for anybody. All that changed however, when a new wind farm was to be built here. In order to connect the wind turbines to the German high voltage network with an underground power cable, the seabed had to be cleared. A perfect job for Martens en Van Oord.

Scheldeoord: Strong and Flexible
The ‘Scheldeoord’ pontoon was shipped to the Northern German coast by Martens en Van Oord to carry out this project. This pontoon, built in 2013, measures 60 meters in length and 15 meters in width and is both strong and flexible. The pontoon can carry machines of up to 250 tonnes both at the front and at the back. At the same time, the Scheldeoord can use its own thrusters to accurately maneuver in any direction. The pontoon has four spud poles, including a spud leg able to ‘walk’. This pole can move the pontoon in steps of eight meters.

Full Spectrum of Equipment Parts
The multifunctional pontoon was prepared by our expert equipment-engineers in short time. A full spectrum of specially developed equipment parts was taken on board for the journey to Germany, including a heavy round nose grab, an underwater hydraulic demolition hammer and a stone grabber. Around 1,000 stones were removed over a length of 35 kilometers, while dredging tasks were also carried out in places where the seabed was very hard.

Additional Expertise
Working at sea demands experience, additional expertise and highly qualified staff members. Safety is the highest priority for these projects. The customer was delighted with the work delivered by Martens en Van Oord in the Baltic.

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