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Logistics Taken Care of by Knowlegde

Our cooperation with Essent Energy Corporation, part of the international energy conglomerate RWE near the Amer Plant in Geertruidenberg is an excellent example of how Martens en Van Oord is able to fully care for every aspect of the customer’s logistical issues. For Essent, we carry out all logistics for bulk processes in the power plant. This allows Essent to focus on its primary task: generating power.

Transport and Servicing
We carry out all transportation movements for residual materials from the incineration process at this coal and bio-fuel power plant. Our company also services the various machines regulating the intake and outflow to the plant. Approximately 9,000 tonnes of coals are incinerated at the Amer Plant every day, after which large quantities of gypsum, fly ash and bottom ash remain. These residual materials are then used as aggregates for the construction industry.

Unique Co-Incinerator
The Amer Plant is partially powered by biomass. This is not limited to the biomass plant alone, as a special bio co-incinerator was developed by Martens en Van Oord. This unique system mixes coal and biomass, which are then incinerated together. It’s a new step along the road towards more sustainable power generation.

Highly Flexible
Thanks to our fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, the knowledge available in the organization and high staff involvement, we are able to act extremely flexibly at the Amer Plant, which is an absolute must as the plant must always remain productive. The long-term cooperation with Essent proves that Martens en Van Oord is also an ideal partner for any project involving large responsibility.

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