01 october 2015 Mega-plates and Scheldeoord trigger attention at Husum Wind trade fair
The very first participation of Martens en Van Oord in the German Husum Wind trade fair was an immediate success. It generated various concrete requests straight away for our mega-plates and the Scheldeoord.

The German trade fair, held between 15 and 18 September, is intended for developers and customers in the wind industry. Wind energy is a rapidly growing market in locations such as offshore areas, which makes it easy to draw parallels to Martens en Van Oord.

Niels Schellekens from Martens en Van Oord: ‘We intentionally chose this trade fair, so that we could distinguish ourselves as a contractor. We had lots of information materials in several languages and fun gadgets with us, but also a scale model of our Scheldeoord and a mega-plate to scale. Especially the latter two drew a lot of attention. People often were not aware that we can also work with the Scheldeoord in very low water.’
A striking thing was that quite a few visitors had heard of Martens en Van Oord. ‘They had already seen us working at the construction pit for the U-Bahn while sitting on the train in Hamburg. That’s when you realise that people talk a lot about this. It makes it fun to present the overall picture of Martens en Van Oord, from excavation to logistics, at a trade fair like this. The next trade fair will be in 2017; we will definitely be there again.’

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