01 june 2017 Identification of 300 potential pieces of ordnance near Ramsgate
In 2019 it will be at the bottom of the North Sea: the high-voltage cable that must ensure a better exchange of power between the networks in the United Kingdom and the Continent. But before this cable can be laid, it must be ascertained that the seabed along the route off the coast of the English town of Ramsgate is free from Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). This is a project to which Martens en Van Oord is making a significant contribution.

Getting to work
In the area of operations about 300 pieces of so-called Potential Unexploded Ordnance (pUXO) have been mapped out. In order to approach and identify these, the main contractor Bluestream Offshore has hired the Scheldeoord multifunctional pontoon from Martens en Van Oord, including a crane, crew and tugboat. On 16 May the pontoon departed from Moerdijk and is currently operational. The project will last a minimum of 40 days.

Dynamic team
The project near Ramsgate is being performed by 3 companies. Apart from the contribution by Martens en Van Oord, the main contractor Bluestream is taking care of project management, the ROV operation, diving work, and BACTEC is providing the pUXO specialist. This is a dynamic team that has all the qualities and possibilities in house to successfully finish this project, which will also guarantee more contracts and collaborations in the near future.

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