21 december 2015 Contract for work on fifth lock chamber at Brunsbüttel
On 18 December 2015, Martens en Van Oord was awarded the contract for the earthworks, dredging, coastal and bank protection work for the construction of a fifth lock chamber at Brunsbüttel, Germany. The customer, ‘ARGE Neubau 5. Schleusenkammer Brunsbüttel’, formed by three BAM operating companies, has final responsibility for the entire construction of the fifth lock chamber. Our work will start in 2016 and is expected to be completed in 2021.

The entire project includes the construction of a 360-metre sea lock between the Elbe and the Kiel Canal, and the modification of the entrance to the lock approach on the Elbe side. The construction of the fifth lock is essential for the necessary renovation of the century-old lock complex at Brunsbüttel. It will also provide smooth shipping on the busy Kiel Canal.

Earthworks, dredging, coastal and bank protection work
It speaks for itself that Martens en Van Oord is very proud to have been awarded this contract. This project offers us a solid foundation for further entering the German market. Our earthworks, dredging, coastal and bank protection work focus on the lock approach, the preparations for the construction of the fifth lock chamber and the transport and processing of excavated soil.

For the development of the new lock approach, Martens en Van Oord will start by removing the existing bank defences. Afterwards, the lock approach will be dredged and we will construct new bank defences.

Then we will turn our attention to the earthworks and dredging work required for the construction of the fifth lock, with dimensions of 360 x 45 x 16 metres. For the construction of the lock gates, we will excavate down to a depth of 25 metres, including preparations for the pouring of underwater concrete.

Finally, the contract covers the transport and processing of all soil excavated during the work from the lock approach and the construction of the lock chamber. This soil will be transported to the Dyhrrsenmoor soil storage site, located in marshland. Last year, 500,000 m3 of sand was used to make this depot suitable for the storage of the 1.7 million m3 of soil to be excavated during the lock approach and lock chamber work.

Customer BAM Infra
In 2014, our customer BAM Infra, together with Wayss & Freytag, was awarded the contract in competition for this project, which is currently the largest hydraulic engineering project in Germany, by the Water and Shipping Authority (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt). This contract offers BAM the opportunity not only to grant German companies access to work for this project worth 346 million euro, but also Dutch companies, including Martens en Van Oord. BAM itself will perform the foundation and civil engineering work for the lock.

Apart from the price, of course, the good collaboration between ARGE and Martens en Van Oord during the development of the soil storage site in Dyhrrsenmoor and the constructive ideas for the performance of these earth-moving works played a major role in the awarding of the contract by BAM.

More information on this project can be found on the site of the Brunsbüttel Water and Shipping Authority.

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