Sharing passion, knowledge and creativity

Martens en Van Oord aims to be more innovative than any other company in the industry. Machines and high-tech equipment alone cannot achieve this. In order to really stand out, the best people are needed: people with passion, knowledge and creativity, because we know that it’s the staff who do our company justice. In fact, ‘the People who Make it’ has been the company slogan for years, as we strongly believe it is our staff who make all the difference.

Each staff member has his/her own talents. The trick is to identify these talents and encourage them to blossom. Offering opportunities for professional development based on individual skills and interests. Encouraging staff to think proactively, to make suggestions and to bear responsibility makes for engaged staff members who add value to a project. This is the underlying perspective from which we train our people.

Martens en Van Oord staff members are used to taking on various roles and working in changing circumstances and different teams. Staff members continuously expand their knowledge through various courses and trainings, in which they participate. Because our company is active in various fields of expertise, each staff member has the opportunity to expand his or her personal horizons. Our staff members are on the same page as the customer, sharing their values, concerns and objectives. But, more importantly, the staff go the extra mile, looking for solutions in unlikely places. Daring to be different and to think differently, requires courage; Martens en Van Oord greatly appreciates this quality in its staff members.

Our company employs excellent specialists, they include Environment Managers, Soil Specialists, its own Engineering Department and Surveyors. The company enjoys a process of continuous growth, both individually and together as a team. The People who Make it are to be thanked for that. They are ready to support you and they will exceed your expectations.