Proficient, ground-breaking and committed

Since its founding in 1986, Martens en Van Oord has become a leading company in the Netherlands, specialized in civil engineering. The organization is innovative and diverse and excels on land, in the water and where land ends and water begins. Smart logistics and efficient deployment of construction aggregates have been key factors since the company was founded.

Martens en Van Oord is a company which is not afraid to take action. Where others hesitate, we see an opportunity. The founders envisioned three core values: the company must offer true expertise, embody a pioneering spirit and be closely involved in its projects. Every single project carried out today has these core values at its heart.

A refreshing vision based on a progressive approach
Martens en Van Oord represents a fresh and progressive approach, always investigating ways in which things can be done faster and better. The most knowledgable person in the room? Perhaps. But one who is willing to share knowledge and doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty. By combining various disciplines and daring to think differently, we are able to find efficient and innovative solutions which were sometimes believed to be impossible. This is thanks to an advanced equipment fleet and creative, highly qualified staff members who are continuously expanding their horizons.

Sustainable business practice as a key operating principle
Operating sustainably is a non-negotiable principle. We realize that our company works in a vulnerable world. Caring for people and the environment is a guiding principle for our organization. Acting with safety, honesty and integrity in mind forms the basis for all operations, in which profit goals and short-term benefits are never allowed to outweigh continuity and care for the environment. This family company strives for a healthy balance between business stakes and the requirements of stakeholders, including people, society and the environment.

Proficient, committed and pioneering: these are the qualities we embody, with experts who understand their profession, take responsibility, innovate constantly and operate sustainably.

This is Martens en Van Oord.