To be able to remove large quantities of soil in a short space of time, Martens en Van Oord has designed a special loading-bridge pontoon, the WAALOORD.

The unique feature of the WAALOORD is that the loading bridge can be installed using on-board technology. This means that we no longer have to use any external (auxiliary) equipment. The advantage of this is that we can easily change the loading location, keeping the mobilisation costs low. An important component of this is the movable counterweight of 60 tonnes, which we can move at the press of a button. Moreover, the 33-metre-long bridge section can be retracted and extended, allowing optimum matching of the width of the vessels to be loaded.

The entire structure is designed for vehicles up to a maximum of 80 tonnes.

Secifications pontoon Waaloord

Laadbrugponton Waaloord van Martens en Van Oord.