Movable bunker belt

Dredging spoil containing clay is material that usually cannot be processed without trouble in a transfer chute. To be able to use a chute that does not become jammed due to sticky materials, Martens en Van Oord created its own design, combining a conveyor belt and a storage bunker: the so-called bunker belt.

This bunker with a capacity of 40 m3 has walls made of solid stainless steel. The walls are also very steep in relation to the underlying conveyor belt. To be able to unload sticky materials properly, the bunker has a tapered design, unloading in the direction of transport. Using the control system of the underlying conveyor belt, the driver can load his own lorry. After loading the vehicle, the belt stops and the bunker is sealed off by a hydraulically-operated valve.
Our mobile bunker belt is a sustainable acquisition for clean and efficient transfer work.