High-tech equipment; well worth the investment!

Ground-breaking entrepreneurship not only demands a great deal from the staff but also from the equipment deployed. Martens en Van Oord could not maintain its success without its extensive fleet of ultramodern high-tech equipment. We prefer to maintain independent control and wherever possible carry out all our own projects.

With that in mind, we are never afraid to invest heavily in large equipment. We do not view such investments as a risk, but as an opportunity to do even more and to deliver even better results. Every investment is also an opportunity to expand our knowledge and expertise. As our company continues to develop, our customers can enjoy even greater benefits from the expertise we offer.

Innovative in solutions
Martens en Van Oord always works with the best quality equipment, fitted with the latest that technology has to offer. If there is no ready-made solution on the market, our equipment engineers set to work themselves. We have all the necessary knowledge within the company, that allows us to deliver solutions that when presented often amaze the outside world. Those solutions excel in inventiveness, originality and efficiency. Innovation is the force that has driven our company forward over the years, and we leave no stone unturned in achieving the perfect approach, every time.

Martens en Van Oord has consciously opted for the recognisable colours white and green that are applied to all our equipment. White and green both literally and symbolically represent a clean work approach based on care for man and the environment. Martens en Van Oord invests in environmentally friendly equipment that is deployed effectively by people who know exactly what they are doing. In other words, a combination you can rely on.

Earth-moving equipment

Floating equipment

Transport equipment

Auxiliary equipment

Special techniques