Construction pits - Geosynthetic structures

The Netherlands is a densely populated country with relatively high land prices. This is why new constructions increasingly take place underground, including developments such as underground car parks, basements and tunnels.

These are complex projects, requiring specialized knowledge and earthmoving, logistics and water management expertise. Looking at Martens en Van Oord’s services, it is no surprise that the company is often requested to carry out these challenging and unique underground projects. Martens en Van Oord is a specialist in excavating wet construction pits, from the shore or a pontoon, either before or after sheet pile-driving takes place. As an alternative to sheet piles or underwater concrete, a balanced Geosynthetic structure can also be used. Our company has vast experience using these unique methods.


Reference projects

Rotterdam Markthal

Rotterdam, the city of modern architecture, has gained another icon: the Markthal. This eyecatching design will become a new landmark in the city...