New construction - Restructuring

A good, durable road cannot be built without a solid surface supporting it. We have proven to be a shrewd and reliable partner for road construction projects. Using the company’s internal resources, we can carry out complete entire solutions from the surface to the asphalt, concrete or the bricks.

Projects carried out by Martens en Van Oord can always be recognized by the company’s specific signature: the incredibly efficient application of construction aggregates. The synergy between the various company activities in which Martens en Van Oord specializes really comes into its own during large road construction projects. Construction aggregates are always used efficiently: by reusing materials on location, by creating smart links with other projects or by using residual materials from production processes, such as thermally cleaned sand or ashes remaining from waste incinerators. These solutions are always affordable and sustainable, something for which Martens en Van Oord is well known in the Netherlands.

Reference projects

City ring road; the 'Burgemeester Letschertweg'

Tilburg is a growing city in the south of the Netherlands, and one that has been combatting traffic nuisance for years. A significant solution was...