Soil - waterbed

Remediation is an expertise for which knowlegde is an obvious condition. Over the years, the company has proved that we possess this knowledge. In countless locations, both dry and wet, Martens en Van Oord has helped its customers to carry out remediation projects.

Martens en Van Oord is certified for carrying out soil and waterbed remediation projects. The company distinguishes itself from others by using high-end equipment (including level-cut clamshell grabs). We have the right processing methods and disposal locations in place and participate actively in the thought processes of other parties, from the customers themselves to the permit authorities. At Martens en Van Oord, your remediation project is in safe and experienced hands.

Reference projects

Fourt harbour dock at Antwerp

The harbour of Antwerp needed to be deepened in order to facilitate larger ships. Martens en Van Oord took on this project which is part of a...