New Construction - Restructuring

Martens en Van Oord is an ideal partner for new railway constructions or restructuring existing routes. Projects such as the Betuwe Route and Hanze Line prove that we are the perfect partner for railway projects. This is clear from our solid logistical process, rapid work method, specially developed equipment and the sensitivity to plan together with the customers in every project phase.

These attributes allow us to achieve great results while working on tightlyspaced railways and under the immense time pressure often associated with these projects. One innovation is the ‘steel highway’, a system with large, extra wide steel plates. It protects the soil underneath, is environmentally friendly and can be installed quickly. Other methods especially developed for railway constructions are the side-feeder on the shovel and the special bulldozer blade. Pioneering solutions are typical Martens en Van Oord solutions.

Reference projects

The Hanze Line

It is a continuous challenge in the Netherlands: how can travel times between the various parts of the country be reduced even more? The Hanze Line,...