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cables and pipelines - maritime services

Martens en Van Oord excels both on land and in the water, and as the offshore industry forms an ultimate combination of these two fields of expertise, it is obvious that ‘offshore’ is a fully-fledged company division.

Our company is an expert in coastal projects, such as dredging sea ports, but also excels at work carried out in the open sea. Martens en Van Oord has all the knowledge and equipment to make a competetive offer for projects in shallow water.
The ability to work in very shallow water is our specialty. Projects in this category include installing cables and pipelines for wind farms, dredging work or providing hoisting assistance at gas platforms. Being relatively new in the open sea, we offer our customers a new, progressive and refreshing approach to projects. We have the courage to think beyond the conventional ways of doing things, and we always want to complete projects more resourcefully than anybody else. This requires a different approach. We construct while unburdening our clients, whether on land or at sea. After all, being highly involved with the customer is something completely compatible to our company’s policies.

Reference projects

Baltic sea near Rostock, North Germany

Under normal circumstance, the boulders on the bottom of the Baltic Sea don’t cause much trouble for anybody. All that changed however, when a new...