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Martens en Van Oord is known for its cost-efficient and environmentally friendly logistics solutions. Within our company, these logistics solutions form the connecting element, which binds all the various areas of expertise and projects. Martens en Van Oord always opts for resourceful combinations of transportation by water and by road.

Water transport is often the most sustainable solution, which causes less impact on for the environment. The company also possesses its own fleet of trucks, carrying out the remaining transport tasks. This guarantees cost-efficient and fully customized transport solutions for every project.

As an expert in logistics, Martens en Van Oord provides complete logistic bulk processes for companies located in industrial environments. We possess the equipment, the knowledge and the flexibility to help take some of the load off of these customers and allow them to focus on their core business.

Reference projects

Amer Plant in Geertruidenberg

Our cooperation with Essent Energy Corporation, part of the international energy conglomerate RWE near the Amer Plant in Geertruidenberg is an...