Equipment developement and sales

Innovation is incredibly important to us, proof of which is found in our skills and expertise in the field of development and sales of equipment. Being ahead of the curve, often translates into high requirements on tools and equipment. Martens en Van Oord therefore does not shy away from significant investments in equipment if projects require them. A team of mechanical engineers is working fulltime to develop equipment.

We are able to combine various techniques and technologies, often supplemented with our own engineering that lead to the best possible solutions. Reliability, capacity and safety are top priorities in this process, while sustainability has grown to become another pillar on which the development of new work methods rests. The Equipment Engineering Department within Martens en Van Oord possesses the know-how, experience and software needed for pioneering solutions. These solutions consider all relevant factors: developing special work methods, designing and constructing the required equipment and monitoring project execution. Based on the adventurous and innovative mindset within our company, we are often able to amaze the outside world and our customer, with the equipment and work methods applied.

Reference projects

Lake Boyukshor, Baku, Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani capital Baku was the host for a unique sports event in June 2015: the first edition of the European Games. Specially for this event,...