Dry earthmoving - nature development - site preparation - dike reinforcements

Our company has been an expert in earthmoving since its founding. Customers can rely on a smart approach for large projects, based on high quality and competitive pricing.

We own a large, modern and sustainable equipment fleet, capable of meeting the demands for every project. Dry earthmoving, nature development,  site preparation or reinforcing dikes: Martens en Van Oord takes care of it, no matter how large or complex a project is. Our expertise translates every challange into a smart logistics solution: one that is efficient, that takes people and the environment into account and that leads to astonishing results. The machines deliver the horsepower, the staff members the power to think creatively. It’s a perfect combination.

Reference projects

Depoldering the Noordwaard

Approximately four million cubic meters of earth moved, 30 kilometers of new quays and dikes, 45 kilometers of creeks, 26 mounds, 35 bridges, 60...