Ports - rivers - maintenance - cables and pipelines

Over the years, our company has become a leading expert in the field of dredging. Our high-tech fleet of equipment is designed for all circumstances: ports, rivers, maintenance of shipping lanes, remediation, trenches for cables and pipelines, or combinations thereof.

The flexible equipment can always be adapted so that it perfectly matches the project and tasks at hand. Large projects? No problem at all. No single dredging project is the same as the last, as each new patch of soil may contain surprises: unexploded ordnance (UXO), for instance. Our staff developed a unique, WSCS-OCE–certified work method to remain able to dredge safely even under these challenging circumstances. Once again, this is proof of the innovative spirit and distinctiveness of the company.

Reference projects

Deepening the summer bed reservoir at Grave

Dredging the Meuse River between the towns of Gennep and Grave seemed fairly straightforward when the project began in 2009. Deepening the Meuse...