Primary aggregates production and delivery - Recycling - soil intake

Construction aggregates are becoming increasingly scarce, creating a need for more resourceful solutions. Martens en Van Oord specializes in these solutions and takes pride in its reputation of utilizing aggregates up to the very last particle. Anything that cannot be recycled during projects is offered on the market.

The intake of construction aggregates is carried out frequently, and thus trading activities surrounding raw materials are growing quickly. Combined with the logistical knowledge and vast expertise in aggregates, we seek to provide resourceful and sustainable solutions at low prices.

In the aggregates classification plant in Moerdijk, called the Sand Factory, Martens en Van Oord separates and classifies the highest grades of sand and gravel, for every desired particle size. The company has a broad selection of primary and secondary building materials available, including thermally cleaned sand, incinerator bottom-ash and the exclusive light-weight backfill material Granulight®.