New constructions - shore constructions - maintenance - ports

Martens en Van Oord feels at home in the area where land ends and water begins – or the other way around, depending on how you look at it. No wonder the company specializes in coast and shore projects. These are often directly connected to dredging tasks and dike reinforcements, areas in which we have a longstanding proven track record.

For many large-scale projects revolving around water safety and water management, all these individual areas of expertise must be mastered in order to ensure success. Martens en Van Oord has the knowledge, skills and equipment to carry out a large range of coast and shore projects. The equipment, dry or wet, is ready for the most complex of projects. Whether this includes new constructions, maintenance or building shore constructions such as fascine mattresses and revetments, you can rely on us, especially where land meets water.

Reference projects

Environmentaly friendly banks of the Meuse

The improvement of local riverside ecology is an important objective for the ‘Environmentally Friendly Banks of the Meuse’ project led by the...